Helicopter Flight Dynamics

Following the lecture produces a deepened understanding of the phenomena of helicopter flight and their mathematical description. Based on qualitative knowledge the student is able to use momentum- and energy-based methods to perform quantitative analysis of helicopter performance. With the help of refined modelling techniques using blade element theory the student has gained insight into aspects of rotary wing dynamics and is able to perform basic evaluations of rotor concepts. The knowledge conveyed in the course serves as a basis for further studies in the field of helicopter technology with regard to any of the following areas: flight physics, sizing and design, helicopter systems and safety.

Colloquium Helicopter Flight Dynamics

Exchange of ideas within the lectures content. Discussion of ideas and state of science and technology. The colloquium will be held in an individually agreed meeting.


Revision course Helicopter Flight Dynamics

The revision course will be held before the examination. Details will be given in the lecture.