IFR Helicopter Flight

Attending this course gives the students the ability to get a basic knowledge of an IFR helicopter flight. The students will be able to rate the cockpit work and therefore rank the emerging pilot workload. After a successful participation the students will be able to go through different IFR procedures. They will also be able to read aeronautical charts needed for IFR as well as going through checklists.

In the kickoff meeting, we will create the groups/tandems and arrange the schedule.


  • Kickoff meeting in the first week of the semester: We will notify all "Fixplatz" students about date and time of the kickoff
  • Individual sessions: 1 session per tandem, maximum of 9 sessions, slots  will be arranged in the kickoff meeting                 


Colin Bosch, M. Sc.


The practical course will take place regulary in the winter semester 2023/24. Following registration steps are required:

1.) Registration via TUMonline

2.) Sending references (CV & short motivation letter)