Completed Research Projects at the Institute of Helicopter Technology


Within the research project ACTUATION 2015 (Modular Electro Mechanical Actuators for ACARE 2020 Aircraft and Helicopter) the Institute of Helicopter Technology is working on the development and validation of a common set of standardised, modular and scalable Electro Mechanical Actuators (EMA). The research is coordinated by Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS and includes 54 partners. read more

Intended Single Engine Operation (ISEO)

Helicopters that are equipped with two or more turboshaft engines for safety reasons, mostly operate in part load conditions. As the specific fuel consumption is reduced with increasing engine load, shutting down one engine in suitable flight envelope areas would cut down fuel consumption significantly and reduce engine operating hours. read more

Real-Time Simulation of Rotorcraft Downwash

The goal of the project Real-Time Simulation of Rotorcraft Downwash is to develop and verify a model for real-time simulation of rotorcraft downwash in proximity of complex obstacles using grid-based approaches. read more

Synthetic Augmentation of the Flight Environment in Head-Mounted Displays (SAFE HMD)

For helicopter flight in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), pilot assistance systems are under exploration at the Institute of Helicopter Technology. By using a see-through Head-Mounted-Display (HMD), 3D-conformal information is projected into the pilot's field of view to virtually expand the decreased visibility. read more