Synthetic Augmentation of the Flight Environment in Head-Mounted Displays (SAFE HMD)

For helicopter flight in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), pilot assistance systems are under exploration at the Institute of Helicopter Technology. By using a see-through Head-Mounted-Display (HMD), 3D-conformal information is projected into the pilot's field of view to virtually expand the decreased visibility.

In addition to conventional primary flight instrumentation, synthetic cues, like a landing zone or a highway-in-the-sky, can be presented overlaid onto the outside scenery. Furthermore, terrain and object data, e.g. buildings from data bases, can be  displayed for the pilot scene-linked to avoid collisions.

The increasing amount of displayed information can lead to problems in the perception and mental workload of the pilot. Thus, pilot-in-the-loop simulations are conducted with the Rotorcraft Simulation Environment (ROSIE) to evaluate different display concepts and to derive improvement

Video Helicopter flight with Head Mounted Display in degraded visual environment


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