HyDDEn - Holistic Air Mobility Initiative Bavaria (HAMI)

HyDDEn is part of the Holistic Air Mobility Initiative (HAMI) Bavaria.

HAMI is dedicated to researching new aircraft concepts for urban and regional mobility. A large part of these new concepts are electric air vehicles with the ability to take off and land vertically (eVTOLs). To achieve high range in these air vehicles, propulsion concepts with high energy densities are crucial. TUM, DLR and Elektra Solar will therefore research such propulsion systems in the HyDDEn project.

The following topics will be explored:

  • Modeling of hydrogen drive architectures and development of a design environment for hybrid fuel cell systems, taking into account safety and certification aspects.
  • Construction of a technology carrier with hydrogen energy supply based on the research drone AREA
  • Development, construction and testing of a composite pressure tank for the storage of hydrogen in the aircraft of the future (Chair of Carbon Composites)


Project Introductrion (poster)


Performance Modeling & Hydrogen Demonstrator Drone:

Victor Zappek, M.Sc.

Safety & Certification:

Colin Bosch, M.Sc.

Conformable Pressure Tanks:

Christian Jäger, M.Sc. (LCC)