Sumeet Kumar, M.Tech.

Sumeet Kumar, M.Tech.
Research Associate / PhD Candidate 

Room: MW 2711

Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching
Tel.: +49 (0)89 / 289-16307
Fax: +49 (0)89 / 289-16354


Open position(s)

IDP/Semester thesis/Master thesis: Ground-effect modelling using VVPM

Alternately, motivated students seeking supervision with specific tasks in mind, that fall under the purview of rotorcraft comprehensive analysis, can write me an email with details of what they would like do and a copy of their resume.  

Fields of research and interests

  • Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analyses
    • Unsteady blade aerodynamics
    • Vortex particle method
  • Aeroacoustics




  • Banerjee, T.,: Dynamic Inflow-based Analysis of Pitch Changes to Hovering Rotor, September 2020.
  • Soorya, P. R.,: Aeroacoustic Investigation of Coaxial Rotors in Hover, November 2020.
  • Subramaniam, N.,: CFD-based Reduced Order Model for Approximating Rotor Unsteady Aerodynamics, May 2022.
  • Grimm, F.,(external): Evaluation of Analytical Performance Estimation Methods for Rotorcraft in High Speed Forward Flight, October 2022.
  • Zhang, G.: Reduced Order Acoustics Modelling for Rotorcraft Simulations, Ongoing.
  • Wing, T.K.: Coupling Dymore and DUST for a Robust Simulation Framework, Ongoing.


  • Luo, Y,: CUDA-based Parallelisation of Rotor Aerodynamics Solver.
  • Pietsch, M.: GPU accelerated particle-based rotor wake analysis using N-body algorithm.
  • Brandstetter, E.: CUDA-based acceleration of a rotor wake aerodynamics solver using Barnes-Hut approximation.

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