Material Behavior and Testing

Luciano Avila Gray, M.Sc.

Research Group Leader

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Experimental methods are of great importance for the investigation of the material behavior and the further development of fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites (FRPMCs). At the Institute for Carbon Composites a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art test methods and equipment is available, covering thermo-analytical methods and rheology for the determination of the physical and mechanical properties of matrix systems and laminates, microscopy to investigate the composite structure on the micro-, meso- and macro-level, experimental methods to study permeability and drapeability of unidirectional and textile fiber preforms as well as static and high strain rate mechanical testing. In addition to the application of various standards, the LCC also investigates and develops new and innovative testing techniques.

Key aspects in the area of “material behavior and testing” are:

  • Supporting the development of process technologies for matrix systems, fibers and preforms.

  • Investigation of the material behavior of FRPMCs on the constituent, single-layer and laminate level under static and high strain rate loading conditions.

  • Development of new test methods for the investigation of the material behavior during processing and manufacture.

  • Determination of material properties for process and structural simulations.

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    Material Behavior under High Strain Rates

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