Process Technology for Matrix Systems

Dipl.-Ing. Kalle Kind

Research Group Leader

Tel. +49 (89) 289 - 15086
Mobile +49 (162) 2506860

The Group "Process Technology for Matrix Systems" addresses the robust and efficient processing of matrix systems for the production of continuous fiber reinforced composite parts.

On the one hand, the basic understanding of matrix systems, the characterization of impregnation properties of the fiber material for optimized processing, and process engineering are central for the group. On the other hand, associated issues such as tool technology, surface sealing, and process integration are key activities of the group.

The aim is to expand the span of applications of composites. For this, the foundations are cost effective, stable, and for their requirements optimized processes. Key issues for the future development of process technology for composites are the following three areas that guide the team structure.

Hybrid Materials and Structures

The Team Hybrid Materials & Structures deals with the beneficial combination of different polymers (matrices), different reinforcing fibers and/or additional metallic components. Hybrid structures involve the design and the process layout in order to manufacture parts which consist of different materials or join multiple materials. Using hybrid materials and structures it is possible to develop the most appropriate material to meet a specific set of requirements.

Processes and Production Systems

The aim of the Processes and Production Systems Team is to enhance the fundamental understanding of a wide range of possible manufacturing methods to achieve a cost, time and resource optimized production of fiber reinforced plastics. To achieve this, a wide range of existing processes and production technologies are studied, in order to enhance such technologies and develop new systems.

Tooling Systems

The consolidation of composite parts is carried out using molds. Consequently, molds bring together the part design and the processes. Because of this, the tool plays a central role in the production of composites. The team Tooling Systems works on the fabrication of hollow components, the optimization of energy efficiency of molds, and process monitoring.