Aircraft Systems

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionEnglish



The course covers aircraft systems and subsystems which are important for reliable and safe operation of transport aircraft. Beginning with a review on the historical development of aircraft and aircraft systems, the course presents a comprehensive view on the design and functionality of several systems and system components as well as their interaction and impact on aircraft top level. Furthermore, current technology trends and new system concepts and technologies are introduced. Topics: - Introduction to Aircraft Systems - Flight Control Systems - Propulsion and Fuel Systems - Power Generation and Distribution Systems - Environmental Control Systems - Landing Gear and Braking Systems - Avionics Systems - Safety and Emergency Systems


Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering (recommended) Aircraft Design (recommended)


The examination of this course is conducted in written form (duration: 60 min). This is to verify that students are able to understand the design and functionality of different aircraft systems. Students are required to answer both multiple-choice questions and questions with freely formulated answers. In addition, short calculation tasks have to be accomplished. The written exam covers the entire lecture material. No additional aids are allowed, with the exception of a non-programmable calculator.

Recommended literature

Moir, I., Aircraft Systems, Professional Engineering Publishing, 2001 Wild, T., Transport Category Aircraft Systems, Jeppesen, 2008 Moir, I., Design and Development of Aircraft Systems, Professional Engineering Publishing, 2004 Engmann, K., Technologie des Flugzeuges, Vogel, 2006