CAD in Aircraft Design - CATIA V5

Lecturer (assistant)
TypePractical course
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman



The majority of companies in the aviation industrie (Boeing, Airbus, Eurofighter...) are using the design software CATIA V5 and are in demand of well educated students and graduates with sound knowledge of the software. However, CATIA is also in use in other high technologie industries such as automotive industry (Daimler, BMW, VW, MAN). At present CATIA V5 is the standard design software in use in aerospace industry. For example, the Airbus A380 was designed in CATIA V5 exclusively. In the practical course CAD in aircraft design - CATIA V5 basic skills for creating single parts based on sketches and/or free-form surfaces and their integration into assemblies will be taught. Further on the derivation of workshop drawings as well as several analysis methods will be introduced. Since the course will be held in German and the script is only available in German, found knowledge of German language is required. No previous experience with CAD systems is expected. The Goals of the course are a. o.: Self-dependent creation of parts and assemblies - Part modelling in module Part Design - Free-form surface modelling in module Generative Shape Design - Creation of assemblies in module Assembly Design - Creation of workshop drawings in module Modul Drafting - Kinematics simulation in module DMU Kinematics The registration is done using PAS.


All semester lessons/tutorials are compulsory and get graded after each lesson and result in the final grade of the course.