High Performance Aircraft

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman


* Canceled


-Introduction (history, configuration design, preliminary design) -Transsonic and supersonic aerodynamics, basics of hypersonic aerodynamics (lift, drag, 3D effects/wing sweep) -Aircraft aerodynamics regarding vortex based lift (lift, drag and stability) -high lift devices and maneuver flaps -Mass analysis and estimation -Engine integration (engine types, thrust characteristics, fuel consumption, inlet and nozzle design, bookkeeping and installation effects, geometry and mass, thrust vectoring) -Stealth properties and measures for reduction of radar signature -Aircraft dimensioning diagram (design point, multi point design, parameter variation) -Analysis of existing configurations


Aircraft Design (recommended)


In a written exam (90 min.) the knowledge and ability for application of design aspects of high perfomance aircraft as structural design, mass estimation, propulsion systems and aerodynamics will be examined in forms of short questions regarding the contextual understanding and calculatory questions and tasks. As support means only a non-programmable calculator and a ruler are allowed.

Recommended literature

Daniel P. Raymer: Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach Leland M. Nicolai; Grant E. Carichner: Fundamentals of Aircraft and Airship Design Steven Brandt: Introduction to Aeronautics Jan Roskam: Airplane Design USAF Datcom Collection