Practical Course: Aircraft Design

Lecturer (assistant)
TypePractical course
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2022/23
Language of instructionEnglish



The practical course aircraft design uses a project-based learning philosophy. In this course you will learn to apply the skills and knowledge learned in other courses and to understand the interactions between the various disciplines through working in a simulated industry design team environment. You will learn to view and assess aircraft from a designer’s perspective, including understanding the role of requirements and appreciating the value of historical precedent. You will become well-acquainted with the iterative nature of aircraft design and open-ended, complex, creative problem solving and decision making. Finally, you will learn the importance of effective communication of your design processes and results in order to ensure the design’s success.


Knowledge in aircraft design is welcome but not mandatory

Teaching and learning methods

Similar to departments in industry the work is done in teams. Team results will be presented to the whole group to start discussions and come to conclusion


You will be assessed based on 1) your individual participation and project outputs and 2) the team-based results and deliverables.