Coaxial Plasma Accelerator with Compressor Coil


  • Mass Range: µg
  • Projectile velocity: 5 - 15 km/s
  • Simulation of Micrometeoroids and Space Debris
  • Surface Modification by Plasma Pulses


1) Plasma-dynamic accelerator chamber 

  • Diameter: 85 cm
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Vacuum: final pressure (max.): 10-4 mbar

The vaccum container is designed for the plasma-dynamic accelerator. It is equipped with the necessary fixation points.

2) Plasma-dynamic impact chamber

  • Diameter: 90 cm
  • Length: 80 cm
  • Vacuum: Final pressure (max.): 10-6 mbar

The Vacuum chamber is integrated into the testbed of the plasma-dynamic accelerator; several flanges and feedthroughs are available; the target carrier slide can be dismounted easily. During the process of integration the plasma-dynamic accelerator is not operational.

Electrothermal Accelerator




  • Mass range: mg - g
  • Projectile velocity: < 5.5 km/s
  • Particle impacts

Flat Coil Accelerator



  • Mass range: mg
  • Projectile velocity: < 500 m/s
  • Surface degradation at low impact velocities