Mission Control Center


The LRT Mission Control Center serves as ground segment for mission simulations of the RACOON lab, and for control of real space missions, such as MOVE. The control room setup is flexible and can thus be quickly adapted to changing mission and simulation requirements. This allows the evaluation of relevant technologies and concepts for future On-Orbit Servicing missions. Such evaluation studies concern for example testing of support tools for the operator, operator interaction and cooperation, as well as semi-autonomous spacecraft control.

The control center can be integrated into missions and simulation via UHF/VHF, S band and Ka ban satellite links, as well as via the local network.


1 Supervisor screen

2 Operator screen

3 Communications monitoring / control

4 Supervisor / mission control workstation

5 Operator workstation 

6-8 auxiliary workstations

9 UHF/VHF station

10 Antenna control