Thermal Vacuum Facility

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The Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) provides a test environment for experiments that require low and high temperature combined with high vacuum. This includes experiments in the scop of the research projects LUISE and ProsPA, where the heating of lunar soil simulants via different methods is being studied. Furthermore the TVAC allows component testing under space conditions, e.g. in the frame of the research project LISA, where the behaviour of antenna components and -mechanisms is being investigated. The TVAC is also used to qualify experiment rigs for the European sounding rocket REXUS, or the CubeSat MOVE.

The TVAC may be rented by external institutions for a limited period of time.

Main properties of the TVAC include:

  • High vacuum down to 10-5 mbar
  • Cooled/heated shroud for temperatures from -75°C to +100°C
  • Usable volume ca. ø 40 cm x 90 cm
  • 2x windows (1x side und 1x top )
  • Electric feedthroughs: 2x Sub-D 25, 2x Sub-D 50, 2x BNC, adaptable
  • 20x Type-K Thermocouples for experimentation
  • 8x Type-K Thermocouples for the control of shroud temperatures
  • Control of the entire facility and measurement of all available data through LabView software

Vacuum Test Facility

  • Vacuum down to 10-2 mbar
  • Volume ~ 200 l
  • Variable Feedthroughs

Climate Chamber

  • Temperature range: -80 ... +180 °C
  • Volume ~ 0,4x0,4x0,4 m