Innovation and Technology Transfer (Lecture)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionGerman
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* Canceled

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After participation, the students are capable of applying approaches for successful innovation and are aware of common difficulties and frequent mistakes. They are aware of the necessity and risks of innovation for improvements in different areas. They are capable of estimating the actual amount of effort necessary for successful innovation. They are aware of the problems and limits of technology transfer and understand the importance of information for innovation. They are used to the methods to assess hypothetical results and are able to analyze future topics with regard to their potential success.


This lecture presents the basics of innovation management in order to enable the participants to avoid common mistakes. The lecture is based on various examples from aerospace to current “fashion” innovation. Seven different topics are presented: Innovation as a mean for success, importance of innovation for business and economy, innovation as a driver for business success and economy, utilization of information for innovation, processes, methods and assessment, future business and a summary of the most important steps and measures. The lecture avoids being techno-centric but tries to give a holistic view on innovation.

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture, presentation, case studies, black board and models. Every lecture begins with a discussion of a current, relevant topic. Examples from industry are used for getting insights into the topic. Comprehensive lecture notes are available.


There will be an oral examination where the student has to depict the topics of the lecture and illustrate the quintessence with examples.

Recommended literature

none (if someone is interested, don't hesitate to ask the professor for some information)