Practical Course Systems Engineering

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
Language of instructionGerman
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Die Studenten sind anschließend in der Lage die Methoden und Techniken des MBSE und Concurrent Engineering selbst in einem Projekt anzuwenden. Die Studenten gewinnen Erfahrung ihren eigenen Aufgabenbereich, (z.B. Missionsplanung, Powersystemauslegung etc.) welche sie in weiteren Projekten vertiefen können.


The main focus of the practical course "applied systems engineering" is to pick up the model based systems engineering (MBSE) approach, introduced in the systems engineering lecture, and to apply it on a satellite project. In the scope of this practical course, the students have the opportunity to model and design, not only the satellite mission, but also all of its relevant subsystems to a level from which it theoretically could be manufactured. Within this course an object oriented modeling approach is used alongside the "concurrent engineering process". Concurrent engineering signifies that the students will work simultaneously on the same model. For the design and modeling of the satellite, a program tool called (v)Sys-ed, developed at the Institute of Astronautics, is being used. This tool allows the modeling of a satellite, especially in early project phases but also for an advanced design of its subsystems.


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