Compressor Test Bench VP3000

The VP3000 test stand (compressor test stand, 3000 kW drive power) is designed for the investigation of various compressor stages and concepts. The design is modular to allow easy change of compressor stages and thus to cover a wide field of research. The project is run in cooperation with General Electric.


  • Frequency converter controlled three-phase asynchronous machine
  • Maximum power 3000 kW
  • Two-stage planetary gear, transmission ratio 1:18.36
  • Axle height output 1200mm - Speed 5.500 - 55.000 1/min

Auxiliary Units:

  • Lubricating oil supply system: 2000 litre oil tank, supply pressure up to 10 bar, flow temperature 30°C-70°C, 30 kW heating capacity, 200 kW cooling capacity
  • Hydraulic power pack up to 200 bar system pressure, 3 individually controllable axles with servo valves from Bosch Rexroth
  • Secondary air system with 13 individually controllable lines.

Supply Air:

  • Inlet throttle valve
  • Heater with 200kW heating capacity
  • Maximum supply air mass flow 10kg/s

Exhaust Air:

  • Electro-hydraulic throttle valves
  • Independent, fast-acting anti-surge valve
  • Maximum pressure 25 Bar - Maximum temperature 600°C

Closed Circuit Compressor:

  • Design gas: Carbon dioxide
  • Design pressure: 10 Bar

- Intercooling

Measuring Technology:

  • Approx. 300 temperature measuring channels
  • Approx. 700 pressure measurement channels - 24-channel Ifta system for transient pressures
  • Dynamic measurement data via NI-PXI system
  • Probe traversing in several axes
  •  50 signals via slip ring from rotating parts
  • Vibration and acceleration measurement for machine monitoring
  • Torque measurement in the drive

Research Areas

  • Multi-stage axial-radial compressor for aerospace applications, stage tuning, operating range extension
  • Centrifugal compressors: operating range extension by means of flow control, influence of impeller surface finish, variable stators for multistage process gas compressors, validation of different impellers with and without shroud

Responsible persons (LTF):

Andreas Feierabend, Thorsten Reiter