Colloquium Satellite Navigation

Summer Term 2010

Monday, 10.05.2010 Patrick Henkel (Technische Universität München) Estimation of receiver and satellite phase and code biases with SAPOS stations (Abstract and Slides)
Monday, 07.06.2010 Dr. Andrew Simsky (Septentrio Satellite Navigation) (1) Field experience with future GNSS ranging signals - A review
(2) Integrity concepts of Galileo
(Abstract and Slides Part 1 and Slides Part 2)
Thursday, 01.07.2010 Dr. Jan Wendel (EADS Astrium) Integrated navigation systems: inertial navigation, data fusion algorithms and integration strategies (loosely, tightly, deeply) (Abstract)
Monday, 12.07.2010 Prof. Karl Ulrich Schreiber (Geodätisches Observatorium Wettzell und University of Canterbury (New Zealand)) High resolution SAGNAC interferometry (Abstract)
Tuesday, 13.07.2010 Prof. Richard Langley (University of New Brunswick) Precise Point Positioning: Recent Developments at UNB (Slides)