Colloquium Satellite Navigation

Summer Term 2013

Tuesday, 14.05.2013 Dr. Oliver Montenbruck (German Aerospace Center) From China with Love - The BeiDou Navigation System (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 11.06.2013 (Room: N1090) Dr. Hans-Jürgen Euler (inPosition) Precise Positioning in Challenging Environments (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 02.07.2013 (Room: N1090) Amir Khodabandeh (Curtin University of Technology) Recursive BLUE-BLUP and the Kalman Filter: Estimation and Prediction Scenarios (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 09.07.2013 (Room: N1090) Prof. Dr. Gert Trommer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Integrated Navigation Systems – Fusing GNSS with Inertial Sensors(Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 16.07.2013 (Room: N1090) Dr. Patrick Henkel (Technische Universität München) Precise Point Positioning and Attitude Determination with Galileo (Abstract and Slides)