Colloquium Satellite Navigation

Summer Term 2014

Tuesday, 13.05.2014 (Room: 2609) Dr. Gabriele Giorgi (Institute for Communications and Navigation, TUM) Attitude representation. An overview. (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 03.06.2014 (Room: 2609) Andreas Brack (Institute for Communications and Navigation, TUM) Reliable Partial GNSS Ambiguity Resolution (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 17.06.2014 (Room: 2609) Dr. Dmitriy Shutin (German Aerospace Center) Incremental Sparse Bayesian Learning for Joint Detection and Estimation of Multipath Components (Abstract)
Monday, 07.07.2014 (Room: N2408) Prof. Dr. Todd Humphreys (University of Texas at Austin) Secure Perception for Autonomous Systems (Abstract)
Friday, 11.07.2014 (Room: 0534) Dr. Sam Pullen (Stanford University) The use of Threat models in Aviation Safety Insurance and an Update on Technical Challenges for Ground based Augmentation Systems (GBAS) (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 22.07.2014 (Room: 2609) Dr. Anja Schlicht (Technische Universität München) Synergie zwischen Daten-, Zeittransfer und Entfernungsmessung: eine geodätische und eine Zeitreferenz im Orbit (Abstract and Slides)