Colloquium Satellite Navigation

Winter Term 2009/2010

Thursday, 08.10.2009 Prof. Henk Wymeersch (Chalmers University) Performance Bounds and Graphical Models for Cooperative Positioning (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 17.11.2009 Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schubert (German Aerospace Center) Bouncing off Walls and Trees: Multipath Channel Modeling for Satellite Navigation from the Samples' Point of View (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 01.12.2009 Dipl.-Ing. André Hauschild und Dr.-Ing. Peter Steigenberger (German Aerospace Center and Technische Universität München) The CONGO-network: Towards the Scientific Utilization of GIOVE (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 15.12.2009 Dr. Mathieu Joerger (Illinois Institute of Technology) Carrier Phase GPS Augmentation Using Laser Scanners and Using Low Earth Orbiting Satellites (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 12.01.2010 Dr. Thomas Gruber (Technische Universität München) ESA's Earth Gravity Field Mission GOCE - Status, Observation Technique and Data Analysis (Abstract and Slides)
Tuesday, 09.02.2010 Prof. Sandra Verhagen (TU Delft) Carrier Phase Integer Ambiguity Resolution – Recent Results and Open Issues (Abstract and Slides)