Dr. rer. nat. Bhilahari Jeevanesan

Tel: +49 (0)89 289-22643

DLR-EOC 2001

E-mail: bhilahari.jeevanesan(at)dlr.de
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Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 08.2022, Senior Scientist, EO Data Science, DLR 
  • 07.2018 - 08.2022, Postdoctoral work in theoretical physics, Department of Physics, TU München
  • 07.2017 - 06.2018, Research scientist in Optical Metrology, Carl Zeiss SMT
  • 03.2016 - 03.2017, Research Assistant, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • 01.2012 - 02.2016, PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • Quantum Computing
  • Machine learning
  • Classical randomized algorithms for the simulation of quantum systems, e.g. Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics


  • Jan 2021 - Jul 2021, Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, Seed Funding Program, Project: “Edge-waves on the boundary of vortex crystals”, (EUR 37.050)

Key Publications

  • Jeevanesan, B., Benzoni, C. and Moroz, S., 2022. Surface waves and bulk Ruderman mode of a bosonic superfluid vortex crystal in the lowest Landau level. arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.10924.
  • Marijanović, F., Moroz, S. and Jeevanesan, B., 2022. Rayleigh waves and cyclotron surface modes of gyroscopic metamaterials. Physical Review B106(2), p.024308.
  • Borla U, Jeevanesan B, Pollmann F, Moroz S. Quantum phases of two-dimensional Z2 gauge theory coupled to single-component fermion matter. Physical Review B. 2022 Feb 16;105(7):075132.
  • Benzoni, C., Jeevanesan, B. and Moroz, S., 2021. Rayleigh edge waves in two-dimensional crystals with Lorentz forces: From skyrmion crystals to gyroscopic media. Physical Review B104(2), p.024435.
  • Jeevanesan, B. and Moroz, S., 2020. Thermodynamics of two-dimensional bosons in the lowest Landau level. Physical Review Research2(3), p.033323.