Helicopter Dynamics, Stability and Control

The module deals with concepts of rotor and helicopter dynamics and stability.
1. Introduction and Basic Terminology
2. Rotor Flap Dynamics
3. Rotor Wake and Inflow Dynamics
4. Rotor Lag and Torsion Dynamics
5. Rotor Forces and Moments
6. Simplified Equations for Helicopter Trim
7. Key Static and Dynamic Stability Characteristics of Helicopters
8. Handling Quality Assessment of Helicopters
9. Helicopter Flight Control Systems

After attending the module, students will be able to understand the following basic concepts of rotor and helicopter dynamics:
- Helicopter stability and control
- flapping, lead-lag and torsional dynamics of the rotor
- important aspects of modeling and simulation of helicopters
- key stability characteristics of helicopters and the relationship to handling characteristics.

The students are able to apply the acquired knowledge and methods for the evaluation of helicopter dynamics and stability. In addition, students will be able to apply this knowledge to aircraft other than the classic helicopter with one main rotor, including tiltrotors, eVTOLs, etc.


Yavrucuk, Ilkay