Frequently Asked Questions

In general, eligible are all candidates with Bachelor or Diploma Degree in science or engineering with an above average grades. In addition, the eligibility is veryfied in an aptitude test.

No, for ESPACE, „aptitude test“ means the procedure by which your entire application and all its required documents are reviewed by the ESPACE application panel consisting of lecturers and administrators of the program. In the second stage of the aptitude test you may be invited for a Skype interview.

This can be checked on (German only)

On 24 April 2013, the Bayerische Landtag (German only) reached the decision to elminate university tuition fees. As of winter semester 2013/2014, students are required to pay only the student union and basic semester ticket fees in the amount of 129.40 Euro (from summer semester 2018). More detailed information on the TUM tuition fees can be found at this link.

Unfortunately, we do not provide scholarships or grants. Students have to finance their studies themselves.
You can apply for scholarships, e.g. at the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD.
Students from Eastern Europe might try it at BAYHOST.
Further information on TUM scholarships can be found here.

No, ESPACE begins every year in October. Applications are only considered for the winter semesters.

No. However, you must attach proof of English as your language of previous instruction to your application.

No, but you will have to have submitted a certified copy of your bachelor degree by a specified period after the application deadline. You would have to make a note of this (that your bachelor degree is not yet available) in your application materials so that we/the TUM are aware of this. You must present an authenticated copy of your degree in order to officially enroll at the TUM.

For now, all the documents needed for the admission, also TOEFL, IELTS,and GATE, are requiered to arrive at TUM on May 31st.

Contact IT suport at (give your last name, first name, detailed description of the errors, details of the browser and operating system, and applicant number). They can assist you with technical questions. Please visit TUMonlineFAQ: Application and admission.

The essay should be on a topic relevant to ESPACE, but otherwise you are free to choose the topic yourself. Above all it should be something that interests you. For instance, if your main interest is navigation, you can write about GLONASS. If your interest is more related to remote sensing, you can pick something related to this. The essay is to be between 500-700 words.

The German grading system used at TUM is defined as follows:



1.0, 1.3

Very Good

1.7, 2.0, 2.3


2.7, 3.0, 3.3


3.7, 4.0


4.3, 4.7, 5.0


ESPACE Office does not convert the grades. This is done by the admission office at TUM. This procedure is complicated and depands on the particular grading and credit system. However, you can calculate your approximate grade in the german grading system using the formula

x = 1 + 3 * (Nmax-Nd) / (Nmax-Nmin)



is the grade in the German grading system


is best possible grade in your grading system


is the lowest grade to pass in your grading system


is the grade you achieved

Please note: This grade may differ from the grade calculated by the admission office.

Let's explain it on an example. Assuming that you have
21 ECTS in mathematics ==> 21 / 1.5 = 14 ==> you get 10 points (because 10 points are maximum for the skills in mathematics)
6 ECTS in physics ==> 6 / 1.5 = 4 ==> you get 4 points (7 points are maximum for skills in physics)
9 ECTS in programming ==> 9 / 1.5 = 6 ==> you get 3 points (3 points are maximum for skills in programming)
In total, you get 10 + 4 + 3 = 17 points, because of the point limit in each category.

No. The program is conducted entirely in English. However, it is highly recommended that you learn some German either before or during the program in order to make your every day life in Germany easier. Several German classes are offered in Munich (some of them charge a fee).

The TUM offers German classes to interested enrolled students. Please click here to learn more about these course offerings. German courses offered by outside companies in Munich (i.e. language schools) can be found here (German only).