Anticipated results of the first phase of the Research Unit are:

  • Time averaged (static) uncertainty estimates for major ocean tides on global and regional scales for de-aliasing purposes (IP1)
  • Time-averaged (static) uncertainty information for AOD1B products (IP2)
  • High resolution short-term atmospheric and hydrological mass variations including error estimates to be used for de-aliasing and validation purposes (IP3)
  • Realization of a European test bed for de-aliasing studies and validation of GRACE/GRACE-FO products based on European SG and GNSS data (IP3)
  • Significantly improved GRACE and GRACE-FO gravity field models based on improved stochastic modeling and parametrization (exemplarily for 3 years) (IP4 and IP5)
  • Cross-calibration GRACE and GRACE-FO (IP4)
  • Optimized filter strategy for Level-2 GRACE and GRACE-FO products (IP6)
  • Quantification of impact of improved processing strategies on Next Generation Gravity Missions (IP6)