Incorporation of LCC Spin-Off LEAM Technologies GmbH

A spin-off from the Chair of Carbon Composites has been incorporated as LEAM Technologies GmbH last week. LEAM, emerging from years of extensive research and expertise in Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) at the LCC, is set to transform the 3D printing industry with its innovative approach to thermal management in extrusion-based 3D printing.
LEAM's technology enhances part quality and process stability by monitoring temperature and locally remelting undercooled areas using non-contact radiation. The startup utilizes LEDs with a continuous wavelength spectrum in the visible range, offering a safer and more cost-efficient alternative to lasers. This advancement allows for higher contact temperatures during the printing process, maximizing material properties across layers and enabling the production of end-use parts for final product applications.
For further details on LEAM Technologies GmbH and its transformative impact on the 3D printing industry, visit LEAM's website
We would like to thank the BMWK and the Exist program for providing the funds to bring such innovations to market.