About the Chair

The Chair of Carbon Composites was founded in May 2009, with a focus on carbon-fiber composite materials and their applications. The appointment of Professor Drechsler was made possible by the foundation of a Chair by the SGL Group and a TUM investment with funding from the German Excellence Initiative. The renowned scientist and his team will address fundamental research and application-oriented industry cooperation in the field of fiber-reinforced composites.

The LCC takes an interdisciplinary approach to research, extending from the raw materials through implementation of manufacturing technologies to complete composite components. With specially developed simulation methods, the composite manufacturing process chain can be represented virtually. The staff at the Chair of Carbon Composites is working in four research groups in the areas:

- Process technology for fibers and textiles
- Process technology for matrix systems
- Simulation
- Material properties and testing

Involved in various national and international research projects in close collaboration with industrial partners and other research institutions, the chair covers composite materials with thermoplastic and thermoset matrix composites.

For innovative manufacturing process, such as the fiber patch preforming, thermoforming or braiding processes, modern facilities are  used to optimize the component and to improve the efficiency of the entire process. The Chair of Carbon Composites is a strategic research partner of various national and international companies and is also a member of the "Carbon Composite eV" and a key partner in the excellence cluster "MAI Carbon".