3D GeoInfo 2017 in Melbourne: Chair of Geoinformatics gives 4 presentations and wins the Best Paper Award as well as the 2nd Best Paper Award

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The Chair of Geoinformatics had a good run at the 12th International Conference 3D GeoInfo 2017 held at the University of Melbourne: The paper on „Estimating Building Age with 3D GIS“ jointly written by Filip Biljecki (TU Delft / National University of Singapore) and Maximilian Sindram (Chair of Geoinformatics, TUM) was awarded as the Best Conference Paper. The Runners-Up to the Best Paper (2nd Place) was awarded to the paper written by Christof Beil and Prof. Kolbe (both Chair of Geoinformatics, TUM) on „CityGML and the Streets of New York - A Proposal for Detailed Street Space Modelling“.

Researcher Kanishk Chaturvedi presented the paper on ”Solar Potential Analysis and Integration of the Time-dependent Simulation Results for Semantic 3D City Models using Dynamizers“, researcher Son H. Nguyen the paper on ”Spatio-Semantic Comparison of Large 3D City Models in CityGML using a Graph Database“, and Prof. Kolbe the joint paper with Christof Beil mentioned above. All three papers were accepted based on the previous successful full paper review and chosen for oral presentation. Post-Doc Ihab Hijazi gave a presentation on „BIM-GIS Integration as Dedicated and Independent Course for Geoinformatics Students: Merits, Challenges, and Ways Forward“. All papers can be downloaded from the ISPRS publication website (ISPRS Annals & Archives) here:

More than 125 scientists and researchers participated in the 3D GeoInfo Conference held under the auspices of the ISPRS. The conference was preceded by the full day FIG workshop on ”BIM and GIS Integration“. Both were held under the joint title “3D Australia 2017“ and were organized by Dr. Mohsen Kalantari and Prof. Abbas Rajabifard from the University of Melbourne.