Research areas

The Chair of Geoinformatics addresses a broad range of research topics which are presented on this page. More information on each research area is provided on the individual research pages.

Cities and Energy

Cities account for the largest share of total energy consumption. In numerous projects, publications, dissertation projects, student projects, and graduation theses, we investigate the specific requirements of energy related topics for geodata, data models and geoinformation systems as well as the contributions geoinformatics and geoinformation can make. [more...]


Semantic Modeling and Transformation

Semantic modeling represents an important step towards the platform-independent description of geospatial data. In this way, the structure and the semantics of the geospatial data can be defined independently from specific data formats. However, to use heterogeneous geospatial data jointly within the same application, often a semantic transformation is required. During the transformation process the geospatial data are restructured such that they correspond to the structure and the semantics of a different data model.

In the context of various research projects the Chair of Geoinformatics focuses in particular on the subject of model-driven transformation of geospatial data which takes place at the level of the data models. [more...]


Geodesign is "a design and planning method which tightly couples the creation of a design proposal with impact simulations informed by geographic context" (Flaxman 2010). Geodesign rises many research questions in the field of Geoinformatics. The Chair of Geoinformatics addresses specific research topics which contribute to the idea of Geodesign. [more...]



The Chair of Geoinformatics has contributed and is involved in the development of different international standards in the field of geoinformation.  We are a leading partner in the development of the OGC standards "CityGML" and "IndoorGML" as well as of the draft standard "Web 3D Service" and the CityGML Application Domain Extensions "Utility Network ADE", "Dynamizer ADE". We also contribute to the development of further standards. [more...]