Projektseminar: Urban Air Mobility

Event in the bachelor module: Projektseminar with Soft Skills and for Students from Heilbronn

Do you want to finally apply your knowledge from your basic studies? Work on a visionary idea and explore the limits of what is technically feasible? Master an interdisciplinary project together in a team? Then apply now for the project seminar: Urban Air Mobility in the next Winter & Summersemester!

Artwork: Manuel Prinz, Projektgruppe UAM, WS19 & Benedikt Dreyer, Projektgruppe UAM WS20

The project: Develop a Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle (VTOL).

The vision of flying taxis and drones in our cities has developed into a sector with various designs from bold startups and investors, as well as established aviation companies and authorities, in just a few years. There are countless predictions about whether and when Urban Air Mobility will become a reality. In the project seminar, you and your team will develop your own VTOL, but you won't limit yourselves to the technical aspects, such as aerodynamics, performance calculations, and design. Instead, you will delve deeply into an aviation development process, learn about elementary safety requirements and certification, and also deal with the economic background, such as understanding what a trip in a flying taxi will cost in the future.

Modulbeschreibung: Projectseminar with Soft Skills

The course is in the form of a project. By independently working on a project, students demonstrate their ability to develop solutions for realistic engineering tasks. The following services must be provided: presentation of the work plan in the form of an oral presentation, written report on the project, and oral final presentation.

At the beginning, students present the work plan in an oral presentation. The goals, approach, risks, and time/project management are formulated. Students summarize important results and interpretations in a written report. Regardless of the chosen topics, this report contains an overview of the approaches and research results of the respective project, as well as the scientific classification of the topic in the technical context.

The groups present the results of the project seminar in an oral presentation to the other project groups. The goal is to demonstrate the in-depth understanding of the interaction between the theoretical foundation and the practical application of the learned methods, software tools, and/or procedures. The students present their solution approaches that they have developed and implemented in the team for the practical engineering project task from their chosen industry-specific, fundamentals-oriented, or application- or method-oriented specialization.


Administration & Betreuung

Moritz Linder, M.Sc.

Stefan Hönes, M.Sc.

Jonas John, M.Sc.