Course offerings from the Institute for Rotorcraft and Vertical Flight

The courses offered by the Institute of Rotorcraft and Vertical Flight provide a fundamental understanding of the physical phenomena of helicopter flight and the interaction of the various subsystems. In particular, system-oriented approaches to the development of complex products are demonstrated using the helicopter as an example. In particular, approaches from aeronautical and systems engineering are discussed, which allow an iterative development from the preliminary design to the certifiable design.


Bachelor Subjects

Titel Instructor Semester SWS
Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering Yavrucuk WS 3
Team Project "Urban Air Mobility" Yavrucuk WS / SS 10
Rotorcraft and VTOL Design Basics Yavrucuk SS 3

Master - Major Subjects

Master - Supplementary subjects

Practical Courses & Seminars

Titel Instructor Semester SWS
IFR Helicopter Flight Yavrucuk WS / SS 4
The Ability to Move: Soft-Skill Seminar Yavrucuk WS / SS -


Titel Instructor Semester SWS
PhD Colloquium on Helicopter Technology - WS / SS -