Courses offered by LLS

The lecture "Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering" depicts major terms and topics of aviation. All other courses offered at the institute are based in this lecture.
The lecture "Aircraft Design" deepens the contents presented in the lecture Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering and aims at portraying methods and techniques applied in aircraft conceptual design.
During the summer semester, the lecture "Operational Aspects of Aviation" and the practical course "Aviation Scenarios" are additionally offered.
The lecture "Fundamentals of Aircraft Operations" offered during the winter semester covers a multi-disciplinary range of topics in the field of aircraft and air traffic operations with focus on commercial air transport.
The practical course "Aircraft Design" offers the opportunity to practically apply the techniques taught in the Aircraft Design lecture within a real-life aircraft design project.
The practical course "CAD in Aircraft Design" is offered during both the winter and the summer term and can be attended without prior knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering.
The practical block course Technology Assessment in Aviation that is offered between the winter and the summer term demonstrates major methods and techniques used in requirements elicitation and analysis, innovation management, and technology assessment that are applied before the actual aircraft development activities start.
In order to work on student theses at the institute, students are generally required to attend the lecture Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering.