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Studying at the Institute for Aircraft Design

This page provides information on the courses offered by the Institute of Aerospace Engineering and the module "Aeronautical Engineering". This area combines the institute's courses with courses offered by other institutes to allow students to put a special focus on the interactions between the basic disciplines aerodynamics, structure, propulsion and systems in the complex overall system.

Please note that most courses and examinations are in German language. For further information please refer to TUM-Online or the websites of the respective institutes.

Courses at the Institute of Aircraft Design

Recommended course of study for the courses offered by the Institute of Aircraft Design:

The lecture Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering depicts major terms and topics of aviation. All other courses offered at the institute are based in this lecture.
The lecture Aircraft Design deepens the contents presented in the lecture Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering and aims at portraying methods and techniques applied in aircraft conceptual design.
During the summer semester, the lecture Operational Aspects of Aviation and the practical course Aviation Scenarios are additionally offered.
The lecture Fundamentals of Aircraft Operations offered during the winter semester covers a multi-disciplinary range of topics in the field of aircraft and air traffic operations with focus on commercial air transport.
The practical course Aircraft Design offers the opportunity to practically apply the techniques taught in the Aircraft Design lecture within a real-life aircraft design project.
The practical course CAD in Aircraft Design is offered during both the winter and the summer term and can be attended without prior knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering.
The practical block course Technology Assessment in Aviation that is offered between the winter and the summer term demonstrates major methods and techniques used in requirements elicitation and analysis, innovation management, and technology assessment that are applied before the actual aircraft development activities start.
In order to work on student theses at the institute, students are generally required to attend the lecture Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering.

Specialisation "Luftfahrttechnik" (Aeronautical Engineering)

The aircraft system is characterized by multidisciplinary interrelations between different components and systems, as well as interdependency of design, structure, aerodynamics and propulsion. These interdependencies in particular and the resulting design decisions determine the performance and efficiency of the aircraft system to a large extent. The diversified requirements for the use of an aircraft in the complete system of air transportation leads to a multitude of designs, which are developed and evaluated in multidisciplinary development processes.

The specialisation “Luftfahrttechnik” (Aeronautical Engineering) teaches a basic knowledge for the physical relations and phenomena in aircraft design as well as the integration of the aircraft system in air transportation. Particularly the interdisciplinary interdependencies of the areas aerodynamics, structures, propulsion and systems in the complete complex system are shown in examples of civil and military applications.

Fundamental Courses

Free choice

Specialized Courses

Course LRNR Department Lecturer Semester SWS  
Fundamentals of Aeronautical Engineering MW0350 LLS / HT Hornung Hajek WS 3  
Aerodynamics of Aircraft I – Profiles MW0007 AER Breitsamter WS 3  
Aerodynamics of Aircraft II – Configurations MW0877 AER Breitsamter SS 3  
Composite Materials and Structure-Property Relationship MW0350 LCC Drechsler WS 3  
Flight Propulsion 1 and Gas Turbines* MW1801 LTF Gümmer WS 3  
Flight Propulsion 2 MW1250 LTF Gümmer SS 3  
Flight System Dynamics 1* MW2150 FSD Holzapfel WS 3  
Flight Control 1 MW1050 FSD Holzapfel WS 3  
Aircraft Design 003 Phys. HS2 LLS Hornung WS 3  
Light Weight Structures * 101 Int. HS1 LPL Zimmermann SS 3  
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization MW0350 LPL Zimmermann SS 3  
Systems Engineering MW1801 LRT Walter SS 3  
+ one course from total course catalogue can be chosen.            

* course is mandatory in Aerospace Engineering major for masters and diploma
SWS: semester hours per week

Supplemental Courses (Recommendation)

Course LRNR Department Lecturer Semester SWS  
Operational Aspects in Aviation MW0250 LLS Hornung SS 2  
Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (planned) -- LLS Hornung SS 2  
High Performance Aircraft MW0608m LLS Hornung SS 2  
Project Management for Engineers MW2250 IWB Göttel WS 3  
Applied CFD MW1628 AER Giglmaier SS 3  

Practical Courses (Recommendation)

Course LRNR Department Lecturer Semester SWS  
CAD in Aircraft Design/CATIA V5 MW0636 LLS Hornung WS, SS 4  
Air Transport Scenarios MW2701m LLS Hornung SS 4  
Technical Assessment in Air Transport MW2701m LLS Hornung SS 4  
Aircraft Design MW3643 LLS Hornung WS 4  
Aerodynamics of Aircraft MW1250 AER Breitsamter WS 4  
Flight Guidance Lab MW0608m FSD Holzapfel WS, SS 4  
Flight Testing Lab   FSD Holzapfel WS, SS 4  

Recommendations for other Specialisations


Responsibility for the Course Specialisation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Hornung

Consultation to the Course Specialisation

Thando Busisiwe Sissing, M.Sc.
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