Picture of Fanglin Yu

Fanglin Yu, M.Sc.

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Aircraft Design (Prof. Hornung)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching b. München

Research Area Aircraft Design
Focus of Interest -
Projects FLiPASED


  • Meddaikar, Yasser M.; Kier, Thiemo M.; Bartasevicius, Julius; Yu, Fanglin; Vanek, Balint; Olgyay, Abel; Takarics, Béla: Aeroservoelastic induced drag modelling and minimization for the T-FLEX demonstrator. AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2023 more…
  • Yu, Fanglin; Bartasevicius, Julius & Hornung, Mirko: COMPARING POTENTIAL FLOW SOLVERS FOR AERODYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS ESTIMATION OF THE T-FLEX UAV. ICAS, International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences , 2022 more…