Research at the Assistant Professorship of Sustainable Future Mobility

Practical and marketable advances are needed and therefore we need to be smarter about advancing and investing in future mobility research, by relying on component test as opposed to demonstrators.
[Benzakein, M.J., 2014. What does the future bring? A look at technologies for commercial aircraft in the years 2035-2050. Propulsion and Power Research. 3(4). pp. 165–174.]

We, at the Assistant Professorship of Sustainable Future Mobility believe component test and demonstrators have to be developed in parallel to offer technologies that are compatible with the public demand for tightening pollution standards and mobility infrastructure.

As part of the Department of Aerospace and Geodesy at the Technical University of Munich the Assistant Professorship of Sustainable Future Mobility focuses on two main areas: Reliability and Safety and Mobility and Transport.

Reliability and Safety



Mobility and Transport

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Mobility and Transport

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Mobility and Transport

Hyperloop Technology:

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