Foto von Peng Luo

Peng Luo

Research Interests

  • Spatial modeling
  • Uncertainty analysis



  • Luo, Peng; Song, Yongze; Wu, Peng: Spatial disparities in trade-offs: economic and environmental impacts of road infrastructure on continental level. GIScience & Remote Sensing 58 (5), 2021, 756-775 mehr…
  • Yang Wanting; Zhang Xianfeng; Luo Peng: Transferability of Convolutional Neural Network Models for Identifying Damaged Buildings Due to Earthquake. Remote Sensing 13 (3), 2021, 504 mehr…


  • Cheng Junyi, Zhang Xianfeng, Sun Min, Luo Peng, Yang Wanting: Random Forest Model for the Estimation of Fractional Vegetation Coverage Based on a UAV-Ground Co-Sampling Strategy. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis 56 (1), 2020, 143 mehr…


  • Luo Peng; Zhang Xianfeng; Cheng Junyi; Sun Quan: Modeling Population Density using a New Index Derived from Multi-Sensor Image Data. Remote Sensing 11 (22), 2019, 2620 mehr…


Peng Luo. Gridded population density estimation based on multi-source remote sensing data and POI data. EOEC 2019 and GiT4NDM, 2019, June 26, Chengdu, China.