User Pool

The user pool is an open platform to publish the latest news about cartographic user studies. We are open to recruit candidates to take part in our experiments. If you are interested, please join us.

Our experiments are related in multiple domains, including cartography, information visualization, psychology, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and the design sciences. The cutting-edge designs and newest devices will be used.

Why join this platform?

  • Getting to know the latest cartographic research findings from LfK
  • Joy of experiencing and interacting with the newest cartographic designs
  • Participate in various experiments

Who can join?


How to join?

Please register here

What are the experiments?

Here are some photos showing common types of our experiments:

What will happen after register?

  1. When there is a new experiment, you will receive an email from us
  2. If you deceide to participate, you can contact the contact person from the email and reserve a time slot
  3. Get invited to the experiment by the contact person
  4. Participant the experiment on-line or on-site

Privacy protection

Yes. All the experiments are anonymized. The collected data is only used for research purpose.

Publications from previous experiments