About us

We unite aerospace, space exploration, and geodesy. Our "Mission Earth" improves people's lives through sustainable mobility, secure communications, and measuring the world. 

The Department of Aerospace and Geodesy is part of the TUM School of Engineering and Design (ED), which combines engineering disciplines and collaborates across campuses. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the world's strongest universities in research, teaching, and innovation. TUM is an entrepreneurial university and a global marketplace of knowledge. Located in Munich, we benefit from an ecosystem of cutting-edge research, global companies, and high-tech start-ups in one of Europe's most innovative metropolitan areas. 

Mission Space Valley

The Department of Aerospace and Geodesy conducts research in aeronautics, space and geodesy to observe all the parts in order to understand and change the whole. more


Aeronautics, astronautics and geodesy are synergistically interwoven in 29 professorships in order to gain new knowledge and positively influence people's living environment and its surroundings. more


The Department of Aerospace and Geodesy combines traditional aerospace research with satellite navigation, earth observation and basic geodetic disciplines. more

School Office

The School Office is responsible for managing research, teaching and recruitment strategies for the TUM School of Engineering and Design and its Departments. more

Job- and Internship Portal

The Jobportal of the Technical University Munich contains job advertisements by the TUM and other scientific institutions, as well as by firms and companies. more


Diversity is a  is a core objective of the TUM School of Engineering and Design. Our gender and diversity team and the women's representative aim to promote the enhancement of equality and parity on all levels. more