The Rotorcraft Simulation Environment

ROSIEX stands for Rotorcraft Simulation Environment - Extended Version. ROSIEX is a state of the art fixed base simulator which enables fast and comprehensive tests of systems and components for the next generation of vertical flight.

Modularity and Flexibility as Core Concepts

Due to its exceptional modularity and flexibility ROSIEX´s single components (like the flight physics model or flight controller model) can be exchanged by newly created systems within a minute. Hence, rapid prototyping and comperative studies can be conducted easily and convenient - for the research engineer as well as the pilots.

The Projection System - Immerse into the future of vertical flight

For the replication of the outside environment six high resolution projectors add up their power, generation a 200° horizontal and -50°/+30° vertical outside view on a five meter diameter dome. Combined with the power of six seperate image generation PCs which sync their pictures, a perfect illusion for the human eye is generated. No matter if bright sunshine, dense fog or rainy weather - the conditions needed can be replicated at any time.


Hardware Architecture

For different research applications a modular concept is vitally important. With such modularity it is possible to both simulate different helicopters and  exchange hardware or software components very quickly.

Within the architecture the "SimHost" and the "Flightmodel PC" are the core elements of the simulator. The former is responsible for the entire data management and timing, whereas the last calculates the flight physics of the helicopter. In the cockpit, one human machine interface computer is installed, which digitizes the crew inputs and emulates the avionic system.