Herzlich willkommen am Lehrstuhl für Bodenordnung und Landentwicklung

Welcome to the Chair of Land Management at TUM!


The Chair of Land Management is hosting the annual PLPR-Conference from the 18th until the 22nd of March 2024

The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) will hold its 18th annual conference from the 18th until the 22nd of March 2024 in Munich (Germany).
The event will be hosted by the Chair of Land Management of the Technical University of Munich.
Annual PLPR conferences provide an opportunity to present scholarship covering a broad array of topics residing at the intersection of planning, law, and/or property rights (such as land use regulation and governance, regional and local planning, urban development, etc.).

Find more information on the conference-website https://plpr2024.bole.ed.tum.de/



Team building with students of Land Management and Geospatial Science in Trostberg

On 11th-12th November 2023, the Chair of Land Management organized an academic team building event for students in the MSc Land Management and Geospatial Science program.

The three-day event took place at Trostberg, a town in the district of Traunstein, in Bavaria, Germany. Accompanied by Tobias Bendzko (Academic Council) and Walter Dachaga (Program Coordinator), the students engaged in various activities ranging from communal cooking, cultural evenings, trust and cooperation games, presentation skills, solving geospatial puzzles for scavenger hunts, to team bonding and cultural sensitivity games. These activities gave students of the different year groups the opportunity to get to know each other and share experiences in the program, work in teams and across cultures, exchange ideas and expertise, learn presentation skills and familiarize with coordinates and spatial data.

From the Chair’s perspective, the team building weekend was an opportunity to interact with the students and get feedback on the MSc Land Management and Geospatial Science program as well as on research, teaching and learning in the Chair. Therefore, the last day of the event featured a feedback session, in which the students shared their expectations, experiences, challenges and suggestions for improving teaching and learning in the Master’S program.

We wish to thank all the students for their open-mindedness towards each other and the constructive feedback for the betterment of programs in our Chair.