Ground Control Station

The Ground Control Vehicle of the Chair of Aircraft Design was designed with the in-field deployment in mind: A cabinet contains all tools necessary for the setup of the aircraft. Ramps and strap-down rails in flooring and ceiling enable the comfortable and secure loading and transporting of aircraft. For the conducting flight experiments, it offers two places, one each for the UAV operator and flight test engineer with up to three monitors. The flexible communication system combines a near field communication system for the area around the Ground Control Station as well as a system that enables communication over distances of about one kilometer. It therefore ensures safe and comfortable communication between Ground Control Crew and the pilots on the flight field. The on-board energy system is able to supply computers and charging devices with up to two kilowatts of power. If necessary, for example for charging big accumulators fast, an external generator can be connected. Thus the Ground Control Vehicle enables safe and efficient in-field flight testing.