Scenario Analysis, Future Trends and Technologies

Focus of the research activities in the area of scenario analysis, future trends and technologies is the derivation of requirements for new innovative aircraft concepts for upcoming challenges in aviation.  

Scenarios act in this context as the main methodical means against strategic uncertainties. Within the scenarios possible paths of future markets, requirements on aviation and technologies will be derived to help as baselines for the design and evaluation of solutions.

Project studies are performed since 1997 together with aviation industry.

Selection of partners in current or completed projects:

Flughafen München GmbH, Airbus, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, DLR, Hamburg Airport, MTU Aero Engines, SR Technics, Zeppelin

Current projects

The project consists of the implementation of a model simulating the influence of aeronautical infrastructure capacity limitations on air traffic development. The impact of restrictions on airside airport capacity and airspace capacity on air traffic and fleet development will be examined with this model. This work will build on previous work at the LLS regarding the calculation of airport capacities, but also regarding traffic and fleet development as well as network structures. Using scenario techniques, different scenarios for infrastructure development are generated and different interaction mechanisms between traffic development and its infrastructural limitations are considered.

Projects completed

Recommendations for a future European seaplane transport system.

Partner Sträter Consulting, Harbour Air Malta, Dornier Technologie Aviation, TUM, Rzeszow Univ. of. Tech., Glasgow Univ.
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Within the BurnFAIR project, a sub-project of the German research project FAIR (Future Aircraft Research), possibilities of introducing sustainable, alternative fuels into civil aviation are being examined.

Partner Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, DLR u.a.
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In the research laboratories of the PowerLab, the suitability of hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems for turboprop aircraft and rescue and ambulance helicopters will be tested.