Operational safety and mission control support software

Contact: Sabine Letschnik

The cooperation with the fire brigade of the Technical University of Munich enables all project partners to gain a direct and application-oriented insight into the work of rescue forces. In this way, it will be possible to develop a system that fits into the work processes and allows efficient and optimal command and control support.

The work package "Operational Concept" deals with the procedures, workflows and specifications of the TUM fire brigade and makes them transparent for all project partners. Through discussions with emergency forces, support of the fire brigade in the daily tasks and exercise scenarios, valuable information is generated which supports the work of all project partners with regard to the applicability of the system. Furthermore, the following topics will be integrated into the operational concept: legal regulations for copter flight, security concept for the copter for the protection of persons, data protection aspects with regard to data transmission, etc.

The company LSE Space GmbH, specialized in software for satellite operation, creates an intuitively operable software to control the camera-copter on site and to visualize sensor data. The aim is to provide live image streaming via satellite for HD and infrared images directly in the control center. The service personnel in the control center should be able to control the copter at the scene of action to a limited extent in order to obtain different perspectives of the scene of action. Pre-tests in autumn 2017 clearly showed that this is technically possible and that the control centre personnel were able to act optimally due to the new technology.