Research Projects

In this section you will get an insight into the current research projects of the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion.


Research Project: DRIVER

The DRIVER project aims to explore a new design concept for highly loaded axial compressors using tandem airfoils with high flow turning and efficiency, with further new technologies to be developed to influence the flow in the endwall regions in a loss-reducing manner.

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Research Project: Numerical Investigation of Hybrid Blades

In this project, the new concept of so-called "hybrid blades" is being developed and numerically tested. The hybrid blades are to be used in the area of highly loaded axial compressor stages in which conventional blade geometries can no longer guarantee efficient pressure build-up. 

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Research Project: Particle Transport in Compressor Housing Ducts

Particle entrainment in aero-engines is unavoidable and stabilising effects can only be produced if air flows unhindered through the ducts.
Therefore, research into unsteady flow through recirculation ducts under the influence of particles is of great importance.

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Research Project: Optimization of Compressor Stator Arrangements

The sealing between static and rotating components in axial turbomachines in the hub area of ​​compressor stators is usually carried out with the help of an inner shroud or by using cantilevered vanes. The choice of configuration is influenced by aerodynamic, mechanical and economic factors and must therefore be assessed in a multidisciplinary environment.

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Research Project: Robust turbomachinery for flexible use

The "RoBoFlex" project aims to investigate the manifestation of "real geometry effects" in the annulus (gaps, steps, edges, blade misalignment) under variable conditions starting from the Aerodynamic Design Pont (ADP). The qualitative and quantitative assessment of these phenomena and their influence on performance is the subject of current research.

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Research Project: FloCoTec

The continuous growth of the air transport sector provides both benefits and challenges for the aviation industry. Even in the most pessimistic scenario, the number of annual passengers is expected to grow to 5.8 billion by the year 2035 (cf. Figure 1).

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Research Project: Design of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Drive System

Greener flying is increasingly playing a greater role in public awareness and is part of research worldwide. Through the Flightpath 2050 targets, there is a concrete effort to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. In this context, the fuel cell is considered a promising concept for the future.

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Reseach Project: Potential analysis of additively manufactured structures in aeroengine construction

By using additive manufacturing in engine construction, geometries are possible that cannot be produced using other manufacturing processes. The project accompanies these structures from the model to the application.

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Research Project: Development of mechanical preliminary design methods for compressors of future aero engines

The development of an aero-engine is a complex and interdisciplinary process. The need of rapid and more precise predictions leads to the consideration of a wide variety of dependencies already at the pre-design phase. The usage of simplified generalized physics laws, underly well the scope of this goal and contribute to the creation of tools capable of achieving the desired level of detail.

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Research Project: Unsteady Tandem Flow

The aviation industry is working on increasing the efficiency of aircraft engines. One way of increasing the stage loading of turbocompressors is to use tandem blades. The aim of the project "Unsteady Tandem Flow" is to numerically and experimentally investigate the flow through tandem blades in a multistage axial compressor, whose dimensionless coefficients are representative for high-pressure compressors of aircraft engines.

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Reseach Project: Numerical calibration of pressure probes

Experimental investigations on innovative blade geometries and flow treatments are carried out at the HSRC axial compressor test rig. As part of the research topic "Numerical calibration of pressure probes", a methodology is to be developed with which pressure probes can be numerically calibrated.

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Alternative fuels can be used to achieve a rapid reduction in the climate impact of aviation, In addition to electric aircraft engines or the use of hydrogen as a fuel. In the project, funded by Munich Aerospace e.V., the behavior of a small gas turbine with regard to performance, engine health, and the resulting emissions will be investigated using alternative fuels.

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