CFD Design of Turbomachinery

Winter- and Summer Term

Lecturer: Gladys Gutierrez Lupinta

Target Group:

  • Students of aerospace and other master's degree programs in mechanical engineering with basic knowledge in the field of fluid machinery or flight propulsion.

General information:

  • Internship with 4 ECTS
  • 4 SWS in Winter- and Summer Semester


First, an application-oriented introduction to the general procedure of a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation is given. Subsequently, the aerodynamic design process of an axial compressor is carried out on the basis of an example. The operational behavior is evaluated by means of three-dimensional calculations and occurring flow phenomena are analyzed. Subsequently, the following tasks are worked in groups of 2, e.g.:

  • Change in rotor tip gap
  • Change of the number of blades in stator or rotor
  • Simulation of operation at cruising
  • Variation of operating speed
  • Variation of inlet conditions (radial profiles, boundary layer influence)
  • Variation of the stagger angle of the stator

Finally, the results are presented in a short presentation and a short written paper. The commercial software package ANSYS CFX is used for the calculations.


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