FEM in Turbomachinery

Winter and summer term

Lecturer: Danice Monteiro

Target group:

  • students of aerospace and people from other engineering programs

General informations:

  • Internship with 4 ECTS
  • 4 SWS in Winter- and Summer Semester


The practical course provides an application-related insight into the process of an FEM simulation with the software ABAQUS/CAE. With a focus on turbo components, both transient and steady-state thermomechanical calculations are performed and their special features are addressed. Furthermore, a strong emphasis is placed on the plausibility check of the results and their interpretation. The block practical course takes place during the lecture-free period at the end of each semester. Special previous knowledge is not required.

Contact: HPR-FEM.ltf@ed.tum.de

Current information and dates can be found in TUMOnline.