Aerodynamic Design of Turbomachinery

Summer Term

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Gümmer

Tutorials: Philipp von Jeinsen & Samuele Giannini


  • Introduction
    • Overview of compressor types
    • Areas of application
    • Introduction to calculation methods
  • Principles of compressor stages
    • Conservation equations in absolute and relative frame of reference
    • Flow similarity and compressor characteristics
    • Efficiencies and parameters of compressor stages
    • Energy transfer in compressor stage
    • Principles of turbo compressors with extended one-dimensional duct flow calculation
  • Radial compressors
    • Influence of blade curvature
    • Balance of force at volume element
    • Slip coefficient
  • Profile
    • Cascades and blade profiles
    • Separation at compressor blades
    • Aerodynamic related aspects
  • Radial blade twist
    • Simple and extended radial equilibrium
    • Streamline Curvature Method
  • Operating performance of turbocompressors
    • Compressor characteristics and interaction between stages
    • Steady and unsteady operating performance
    • Measures for stability increase.
  • Threedimensional flows
    • Secundary flow phenomena
    • Numerical methods in turbomachinery
    • Three dimensional designs


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