What do we do ...

In the Hummingbird student research group, we work on a wide variety of projects that are both theoretical and practical in nature. In cooperation with the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion, we operate several test benches on which we experimentally investigate small gas turbines of different types. The improvement and development of small gas turbines up to a turbofan engine concept is the focus of our work. In general, we are also very open to new proposals.

Meanwhile, about 10 students from different semesters of the degree programme are working on several projects, including the measurement of small gas turbines, the optimisation of existing components and the development and design of new concepts and components.

Small gas turbines are an interesting field of research, as they basically function in the same way as large gas turbines, which are used today to generate electricity and power or to drive aircraft. However, the financial expenditure for the acquisition, operation and also the development and production of new parts is significantly smaller for small gas turbines. Therefore, they are also particularly suitable for investigating new technologies (materials, innovative manufacturing methods, ...).

Practical areas of application for small gas turbines are, for example, power generation for electricity generators and thrust generation for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and model aircraft.

Practical work on small gas turbines gives students the opportunity to experience a very interesting technology during their studies, while applying knowledge from a wide range of areas of study in practice. In addition, students come into contact with complex issues at an early stage and learn to better assess the importance of different study contents, which significantly increases motivation. The independent solving of problems that arise and the exchange with the other students promote study performance and general education. By participating in the Hummingbird group, important skills such as interdisciplinary cooperation, project management and presentations can be learned very easily in a practical way and in connection with the subject-related work. The Hummingbird group is supported by experienced members of the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion.

We are looking forward to new comrades-in-arms and members. Already existing technical knowledge is useful, but not necessary. What is needed is the willingness to work on complex problems alone and together with others. Teamwork is important, we work in small or larger groups to achieve our goals. 

Students from all semesters are generally welcome to participate. Interested students from the Bachelor's programme learn how the sometimes quite dry lecture content can be put into practice. Depending on the level of knowledge, suitable work packages are put together. There are tasks for everyone that correspond to their personal interests. At the same time, advanced knowledge from Master's students from various disciplines is a great enrichment for us.

Thanks to our very good contacts to the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion, student research projects are also possible within our group.