Visit of the ILA 2022 in Berlin

At the invitation of the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion (Thank you very much!) Hummingbird visited the ILA 2022 on Friday, 26th of June. In outstanding weather, the static display was the main focus of our visit for hours. We also visited the exhibition halls and had interesting discussions at the MTU Aero Engines and Airbus booths. Also the small but nice flight program enjoyed our attention. Enclosed are a few photographic impressions.


Presentation of the Hummingbird Hybrid Concept at the DGLR Congress 2021

The Hummingbird Hybrid concept fitted very well with the motto "Aerospace - Visions for a Sustainable Future" of the German Aerospace Congress 2021. Our presentation found its way into the program as part of the session Disruptive Electric Drive Concepts 1 of the section Aerospace Propulsion Systems. Here, we were able to present the current status of our project and the associated test bench. On the basis of several student research projects, a paper was also produced, which further elaborates on the results presented. This publication can be viewed on the homepage of the DGLR

First tests of the Hummingbird electrofan 2019

Our self-designed and constructed fan has now been manufactured in a first version. Many thanks to Michael Heidorn from the company Skymot CNC Frästechnik for the excellent manufacturing quality and the fast delivery.

After the assembly and a first function test, the test bench is now being set up for the detailed measurement of the drive. To be measured are:

  • Operating data such as speed, thrust and power
  • Fluid mechanical parameters such as pressure distribution
  • Acoustic measurements

First part of the hybrid system test bench put into operation 2018

In the last six months, it has been a little quieter on the homepage around our student group. But that doesn't mean we've been idle. Quite the opposite:

The first part of the hybrid system test bench was successfully put into operation. The combination of the Wren 50i Turboprop shaft power gas turbine and a self-wound generator was set up and the performance measured. At a core engine speed of 190 000 1/min, we were able to extract a shaft power of 4.3 kW from the gas turbine. The generator was loaded controllably via power electronics.

The construction of the electric fan, which will serve as the drive for the Hummingbird Hybrid concept, is also almost complete. The first prototype will go into production in the next few weeks. The fan will then be measured on the test bench and the measurement data compared with our calculations and simulations.

In addition to these content-related topics, we are pleased to have 4 active new members this semester, who bring a lot of fresh energy to our student group.

Visit to the ILA 2016 in Berlin

At the invitation of MTU Aero Engines (thank you very much!), the Hummingbirds visited the ILA 2016 on Friday 3 June. In excellent weather, the static display on the apron of the future BER and the offered flight programme were presented in a great way.

Publication on combustion chamber investigations on the ISROMAC-16

Within the framework of the international conference ISROMAC-16 (International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery), a publication on experimental and numerical investigations on combustion chambers of small gas turbines was successfully placed. A paper was produced on the basis of several study papers, which summarises the results generated and successfully passed the review process. The publication itself can be viewed on the conference homepage ->Link.


Publication at the DGLR Congress on jet flows 2015

Within the framework of the Hummingbird project group "Nozzle Flow", theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations on engine nozzles of small aero gas turbines have been carried out in the past semesters. The results were presented to the expert audience at the German Aerospace Congress in Rostock on 24 September 2015. They represent an interim status for the long-term goal of increasing propulsion efficiency.

Publication of the results:

D. Rahn, R. Schmidt, F. Greif, A. Hupfer; Investigations on jet flows of small aero gas turbines; German Aerospace Society - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V.; German Aerospace Congress 2015, Rostock; URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-201510192027

The publication can be found on this link.

Long night of science 2015

The Garching Science Campus, one of the largest centres for research and teaching in Germany, invites you to the "Long Night of Science" on 27 June 2015. From 6 pm to midnight, more than 30 research institutions and research-related companies on the campus will open their doors. With a diverse and fascinating programme to try out, look at and listen to, the Garching scientists offer visitors the opportunity to experience research up close.

Hummingbird will once again be represented with a variety of exhibits and information about our group. A highlight that no one should miss will be the demonstration of our glass combustion chamber engine. The glowing combustion chamber is worth a visit, especially at night. All visitors are cordially invited to visit us on 27 June 2015 at the information stand (at the Chair of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion) and at the engine test stand (at the lake in front of the west exit) ...

Exkursion to Rolls-Royce in Berlin 2015

Our excursion this year once again took us to Berlin. There we paid a visit to Rolls-Royce Germany. In addition to a short presentation and a conversation with Managing Director Dr. Rainer Hoenig, we were given a guided tour of the production halls and the test benches. We would like to thank Rolls-Royce once again for this opportunity.



Hummingbird at the day of students 2014

Here are a few pictures of our stand and the demonstration on Students' Day 2014.